Sunday, November 16, 2008

Waterfield Vertigo and Sleeve Case for the MacBook Pro

I've been on the market for a laptop carry case for my work provided portable, a 17" MacBook Pro, and after looking at all of the available alternatives have decided to come back again to WaterField's Bags. Based out of San Fransisco, these bags are virtually indestructible, I've been using the SleeveCase since 2002 and they've usually outlasted the laptops they carry. What I like best is that WaterField offers a modular approach to carrying your gear, with stand alone laptop sleeves that you can insert into another bag or carry by itself.

The VertiGo bag is a very smart solution for anyone who lugs around a widescreen 15-17" portable, since it allows you to carry the laptop vertically. I've carried one for about two years now and haven't come across anything that comes close. Made out of black ballistic nylon, the bags are very rugged but have thoughtful touches such as gold colored liners on the inside compartments to help illuminate the contents when you open the cases.