Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Clarks Desert Trek

If I buy something and it exceeds all of my expectations I'll often times circle back and get more because, in my own compulsive fashion, I crave both simplicity and variety. I waited a while to get these shoes because my lovely wife thought they looked like whaling boots. I finally got a pair of the Clarks Desert Trek beeswax leather about a year ago now and currently they're the most comfy pair of shoes I've ever owned. I almost wish I didn't wait so long. I usually like to rotate my kicks so that I'm not wearing any given pair more than twice a week but with these I find that I'm often wearing them every other day. So yeah it's time to pick out another color. The classic retro style makes them perfect for jeans and casual pants and the distinctive center seam and two-eye ankle silhouette really adds a timeless touch for those who notices subtle details.