Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Craving Casio @ The Nerd Watch Museum

Casio Databank DBC-610G-1DF

Casio Telememo Databank DB310-GA

I've always had a soft spot for Casio digital watches, cheap and high tech (back when I was a kid) my calculator watch got me out of some tough binds in grade school, although it probably delayed me from memorizing my multiplication tables till college. Whatever, that's why they invented these things to begin with.

Plus it was fun showing my friends and church-mates how to spell BOOBS on a calculator (hint: 58008 and turn upside down)

Now as an adult I oscillate between retro/vintage timepieces from the 80's and exotic Swiss horological pieces that I probably can't afford. Recently I stumbled onto this cool site filled with awesome images and trivia of all types of digital watches.

I'm really digging these gold Casios right now since they appeal to both sides of my personality, the dorky retro geek and the luxe snob.

I'm also digging this badass Casio below from the movie Blue Thunder. I also have a soft spot for movies and tv shows built around a high-tech super vehicle but that's like a whole other topic completely.

Casio AA-85

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Don't Fear The Reaper: New Work by Mark Hesterlee

I had a chance to check out this new exhibit at Domy Books in Houston over the break in between some Chai and toy shopping. It reminded me of vague childhood nightmares I would have after watching 2001: A Space Odyssey. I highly recommend it, both the exhibition and having nightmares set in outer space, it makes you appreciate life on Earth so much more.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PENTAX Limited Edition White K2000 Double Zoom Digital SLR System

I haven't used a Pentax since college but I still have fond, almost
fetishistic, memories of my all metal K-1000 from high school and the mostly polycarbonate ZX-M manual that got me through my fundamentals. When I saw the new Pentax K 2000 Limited Edition today, I was immediately smitten.

While in real day-to-day life I'd probably veer towards the all black color scheme of virtually every other DSLR out there, something about the black and white contrasting edition brought back a mad rush of memories of my early shutterbug days. I can't wait to check this out in person come February.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

iPhone Holidays Wallpapers 2008

Needed some new wallpapers for my iPhone 3G so I decided to create and/or repurpose some from past promotional projects and desktops. You can go here to check them all out. I'm in the process of field testing them so I'll definitely be updating this page constantly. Not sure if they work on the other multitouch phones like the G1 or Instinct, if so please let me know.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

2009 Audi S5

So I'm on Allen Parkway on the way to work yesterday and I see this beauty approaching fast on my rear view mirror. Speeding tickets are kind of expensive so I let her pass, and immediately fell in lust. Swung in behind and tailed the car for a mile or so until sadly, I had to take my exit. This is one of the best looking coupes I've seen in a long while. One cool thing that really caught my eye were the string of LED daytime running lights surrounding the main headlights.