Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bathys Bomb Timer

Been following this project over at Bathys for six months now and am very excited with how it's been turning out. For those of you not familiar with the Bomb Timer, it is inspired by the WWII era console mounted clocks made by Hamilton Watch Company that were used to time bomb runs. They were installed in the turrets of bombers and the hacking movements allowed bombardiers to track the elapsed time between the bomb release and detonation. After WWII many air crewman took these timepieces with them and in many cases crafted straps to transform them into wristwatches.

The updated Bomb Timer seems to be a scaled up and more robust (316L Steel Case) version of Hamilton's original and features an ETA 6947 movement and water resistance of 100 meters. Some versions will feature PVD coating.

Price: $1800 - 2000

Below are photos of the original watches. They are rapidly becoming hard to find on the secondary market.