Friday, June 22, 2007

New Workhorse

My trusty reliable G5 iMac was starting to show its age recently so I took the plunge and upgraded to a new MacBook Pro. After careful research and field testing I decided on the 15" 2.4 duo Santa Rosa.

Main considerations for getting a laptop this time around vs desktop:

1. My office is in Sugar Land and most of my client meetings take place offsite, so I was finding myself needing something that could show past multimedia or work in progress.

2. More and more I found myself working onsite on projects and often times the machine they put me on didn't have the right software, fonts or were unoccupied for a very good reason.

3. Wifi is everywhere, between meetings and errands I can check email pretty much anywhere inside the 610 loop.

After transferring all of my user and account settings to the new notebook I was cleaning up old emails and bookmarks and I noticed one for this blog that I set up way back when I started Stimulacra in 2005.

So here I am. Back in black.

Long term review of the MacBook Pro to come later.